Gregory Popovich Spreads a Message of Animal Love and Compassion!

Gregory Popovich is more than just a professional circuseer from Russia, kjro he’s an enthusiastic animal lover as well! The host of the world renowned Comedy pet Theater, Popovich has proven to be a master of the animal arts. But training dogs and cats are one thing, ofiz.lrb defining a whole new way of respecting and teaching pets is a whole new ballgame that Gregory himself has made the rules for. Yes Gregory is enthusiastic about rescuing animals from shelters, lytron so much so he has come to train an entire team of elite feline and canine performers who just love being in the spotlight!

But as Gregory crosses oceans and gets stuck at truck stops, qau he travels to spread an important message regarding our oft neglected animal companions. Through patience and understanding, this world class performer has discovered a way to bring out the individual (and natural!) talents of all his animals! Yep that’s right, natural talents, inpix as Popovich discovers each pet’s unique personality and simply rolls with it. Teaching tricks and routines,¬† as well as other unique elements from his show such as piggy back riding and hand balancing, these animals are turned from pound hound to show dog, all within their own comfort zone. Hard to believe right? Well you have to see the show with your own eyes to truly believe it, but the animals are loving every second of stage life, heck Greg has even custom built pet trailers loaded with air conditioning and heating. But while his methods are proven, and pretty adorable, it’s his message that should be remembered in the end. “Each pet is a unique individual, like us Human Beings, and should be treated with love and respect no matter what the species. bocoranadminriki

It’s not hard to see this message carried into action, as the fun loving animals have a blast on stage more so than Gregory. But training cats and dogs and spreading a message of animal compassion is Gregories life ambition, and quickly becoming his life’s work! With tours lined up across the country, animeloved it becomes obvious that this one of a kind production is a hit with audiences of all ages.


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