News Article Strategy For Posts At Your Blog Will Increase Your Traffic At Lightning Speed

Leading search engines treat the news article different and it may have something to do with frequency of posts at a site. However my tests clearly show that news articles have an edge over non-news article posts done frequently. Still this is an extremely valuable secret. This little secret has helped me generate thousands of targeted hits and has given me some interesting earnings from my AdSense ads. It is amazing how big an impact stuff that you discover almost by accident can have on your life.

There are several high traffic advantages that news article posts come with. To start with, everybody knows that news and current affairs usually has a major impact on searches in terms of the keywords being used. Breaking news often leaves many unanswered questions that will tend to send droves to their favorite search engines in search of more information. New popular keyword phrases emerge that do not have any competition yet and therefore it is fairly easy for a small unknown site to gain high rankings with search engines for those particular keyword phrases. For more info please visit these sites:-

And the really huge advantage here is that it is fairly easy to predict popular keywords in advance when you opt to go for news article posts. When you consider the fact that some news items and subjects remain at the center of the public’s attention for a long time, you will quickly realize the real power of a single news article post in increasing traffic for a site and keep it high for a long time.


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