Important Tips When Selecting a Cosmetic Dentist

To find a capable, experienced cosmetic dentist, you could do a Google search (or Yahoo, MSN etc.) for “cosmetic dentist in [your location]”. This will give you many possibilities.

1. Look at the website

Most experienced cosmetic dentists have a website which:

· Explains the procedures they offer, Fort Lauderdale Dentist

· Gives background information on the dentist and possibly his staff too,

· Often presents photos of the office or the building it’s in, as well as maps and directions for how to get there

· Shows photos of Before and After various procedures

· Gives a lot of other information such as the dentist’s approach, equipment, amenities etc.

2. Look for extended training

A good cosmetic dentist will have not only the basic DDS degree,  but also advanced training. The premier dental training beyond a dentistry degree is at The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). Look for this logo if you’re checking a dental website, or visiting an office.

3. Look for membership in professional associations

Membership in such associations indicates that the dentist is in touch with his colleagues around the country, and is keeping up to date with new techniques and equipment. These professional associations offer accreditation, continuing education, Fore more details please visit site:- networking, journals of scientific and clinical articles, special educational events, and more. Some good ones to look for are:

· AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry)

· ABO (American Board of Orthodontics)

· ADA (American Dental Association)

· PAC (Pacific Aesthetic Continuum)

4. Look for a dentist with time to listen to you
You’ll want to find a dentist who does more than the minimum. Choose one who offers an initial consultation, and who takes time to listen to you, answer your questions, and explain procedures and choices. If you feel insecure or uncomfortable in the dentist’s presence, move on.

5. Look at the facilities

When you go for your initial consultation, look around the office and notice how it’s run. Do the staff seem relaxed and on top of things? Is the waiting area comfortable and attractive? Is the wait short? Is everything neat and clean?

6. Study the Before and After photos

Experienced cosmetic dentists have a photo gallery, usually on their websites, and perhaps also in the office. You can ask to see them, especially photos of the procedures you’re considering for yourself.

7. Ask for references

Experienced cosmetic dentists also have previous clients who’ll be willing to talk to you about their dental experience, the results, and how they feel about it. Many dentists have such testimonials on their websites, but if you’d like to speak to a live person, by all means ask the dentist.

8. Ask about financing plans and choices

A good cosmetic dentist will offer several payment choices and work with you to make your investment in your smile affordable. There are several companies which offer plans, such as Care Credit and Unicorn.


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