How To Attract Attention To Your Online Message

The more I write articles online and create other content online, the more it becomes clear that the most important part of being effective online is to be unique. I don’t mean writing about unique topics necessarily. Much of the content you read or watch online is about the same stuff.

The reason that I read one person’s blog over someone else’s is that for some reason, eye supplement that person resonates with ME.

People resonate with me because they are funny, witty, real, informative or simply intelligent. What they all have in common though is sincerity and something about their personality that is unique. You can’t always put a finger on it. But it’s theirs and theirs alone.

We’ve all had coaches, teachers and bosses who sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher and others that we can’t get enough of. In many cases these two different coaches are trying to teach us the exact same thing.

In one situation we get absolutely nothing out of the lesson and in the other, Amrawati IT City the point resonates so clearly that we wonder how it was ever unclear to us.

If I had one thing to tell a beginner to the blogging for money or online marketing world, it would be to simply be yourself. To think about what makes you unique and focus your energies around making that quality scream loudly throughout your content.

This is for article marketing, blog posting, audio, video and any other online content creation. If you think about it, with so many people online now trying to teach and train about the next best online technique, you really have no chance unless your stuff is unique. The good news is that this part is pretty easy. Just be yourself. The bad news is it takes more work than you might think.

When I started writing online some time ago, I found I was being “proper” and “professional”. I still do this if I don’t remind myself because it’s the way I was wired at a young age. I was raised to be polite and respectful. What fun is that?

Ask yourself how you’d tell that same story to your best friend. I’m not saying that you need to be rude or improper by any means. What I am saying is that you need to write like you are talking to your good friend at a party because that’s your unique voice. Don’t worry about pissing people off, just be yourself.

Once you start writing and speaking like you’re at a party with a couple of drinks in you, you’ll see things start to change and people will start to give you positive feedback and get engaged. The collateral damage is that you will alienate some folks as well. Don’t worry about it! Anyone who is alienated by your unique personality needs to get his information from someone else. Some who disagree with you will be intrigued, but, these people won’t stay long. These people won’t buy. You don’t want these people anyway. It doesn’t make them wrong, it makes them different.

The reality is that It’s nearly impossible to redefine marketing, copywriting or sales because what works has always worked and will continue to work. It will always work with a few adjustments from one medium to the next.

When you see online marketing experts quoting P.T. Barnum, Henry Ford and King Solomon, you gotta figure some things never change. So in order to teach and entice people to listen to your message and eventually buy from you in this incredibly crowded online world, your best skill is that which makes you unique. Your personality and style.

Don’t hide it. Use it.

If you don’t know what your unique voice is, ask your friends and family. You’ll find out quickly…

A very simple way to test your content for the proper infusion of your personality is to read it aloud to yourself and listen for your voice. You’ll find the more you practice this technique, the more unique your content will become and the more engagement you’ll notice from your readers.

Engaging a loyal following online is about YOUR voice. If you write to please everyone, you will please no one. I’m quite certain that the number of people online that will appreciate your unique spin on things is a big enough number to make a living from.


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